Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Smidgen more Progress

I finally got a new camera cord since losing mine on my family trip to Kentucky. I've really been lazy since getting back but I thought I would post my little bit of progress.
I received some awesome "do-dad" packages from some of my favorite people. I've added some things from those gifts. I think if you click on the pic you can get a better view. You can almost see the little bird I tatted. He's kind of washed out in that area so I'm not sure he's a keeper. I keep tatting things for this block but nothing is working for me yet. I tatted a blue bird for a friend but for some reason it didn't upload. I'm "electronically challenged" so I'm not surprised. I'm going to add some more seam treatments but those are challenging for me. I admire all the beautiful embroidery and SRE work I've seen in blog land and wish I could duplicate some of them. I feel the upper left corner needs something else. Or, is it over done? Any suggestions?